Bridge Road Bar Series "Wheaty Weisse Ohne Schuss" Launch

Posted: 06/04/13

Bridge Road Bar Series “Wheaty Weisse Ohne Schuss” Launch

Friday 12th April from 6pm

 Bridge Road’s Bar Series – in which beer specialist venues from around the country are invited to design their own beer and then head to Beechworth to brew it – has got to rate as one of the best beer ideas of 2012. In February this year the Wheaty contingent travelled over to Bridge Road to brew our contribution to the series; ‘Wheaty Weisse Ohne Schuss’…

Our plan:

At The Wheaty we love Hops. So we decided to brew a Sour. A beer, to all intents and purposes, that’s essentially hopless. After all, sour is the new bitter. And even if it isn’t, Ben had given us a great opportunity to play with bugs - in his brewery…

We wanted to brew a ‘clean’ sour; light, lively, tart & dry. So we settled on Wheaty Weisse Ohne Schuss; a Berliner Weisse style – sharp & refreshing. While Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with a shot of raspberry or woodruff flavoured sugar syrup (‘mit schuss’) to help soften its sour twang, we liked the idea of a stripped back, bare boned Weiss; without syrup – ‘ohne schuss’. Ohne Scheiss. And Ohne Schuss is already pretty damn lean, consisting of Pilsner and Wheat Malt and a single addition of Hersbrucker Hops this beer is really all about the bugs; a blend of Ale yeast and Lactobacillus in the primary and a top-up dose of Lactobacillus in the secondary should deliver the sharp sourness we’re after. But we’ll just have to wait and see…

Ben’s Tasting Notes:

This proved quite a challenging beer to produce in a relatively short time frame (2ish months). However we got there in the end with a rather impressive example of the style. The aroma of this beer is typical of a German Wheat beer, with banana and clove, suggesting something sweet awaits. However although the sourness refreshes your palate and lingers just long enough to encourage you on to your next sip, an awesomely refreshing smashable drop!


  •  Malt: Pilsner and Wheat
  •  Hops: Hersbrucker
  •  Other: Lactobacillus and Lactic Acid
  •  Yeast: Wyeast 1056


  •  ABV: 3%
  •  OG: 1.032     FG:1.005
  •  IBUs: >5

Not filtered or pasteurised.

Pucker up people!