Big Shed Launch

Posted: 19/03/14

Big Shed Launch

Wed April 2nd from 6-8pm

One of SA's newest Breweries is set to launch at The Wheaty, and, as founders Jason Harris and Craig Basford might say; F-Yeah!

What is BSBC all about? "At Big Shed Brewing Concern we aim to produce high quality craft beers for those who are looking for more from their beer. These beers are produced locally and customers are able to see where their favourite drop is made. Our beer does not conform to style guides for the sake of it instead our driving focus is about delivering flavours we can be proud of.  At our heart we not only exist for our own beer production needs as we know from painful experience how hard it is to start a brewing business. We have always included in our business model the ability to provide space and access to our brewery for others. Rather than simply being customers, we see our clients as partners who will help us as much as we help them. We will help grow craft beer by helping those who like us stand against all that is bland in mass marketed beer." BSBC

The beers:

F-Yeah APA (5.8%) "Crafted to be the Big Shed Brewing Concern everyday ale. We didn’t want to create just another Pale Ale, so we decided to up the bittering hops a little rather than a heap of hops at flame out or dry hopping the beer. We kept our previously honed R&D batch from our Sabco Brewmagic malt base test batches. Fear not hop heads the hops are coming! Malts: Marris Otter, CaraPils, Biscuit Hops: Galaxy & Amarillo Yeast: Fermentis US-05 Born: 22nd February 2014"

FrankenBROWN (4.6%) "is our maiden beer that we used to christen our long lusted for brewery, we always intended for this beer to be a darker style and quite edgy with the thought to put away and aged for a few months. FrankenBROWN is brewed with a mix up of our favourite grains and hops. Since kegging it has been carefully aging, with this the beer has mellowed nicely, still showing a noticeable bitterness and dry hopped taste but has settled into and a quite sessionable brown ale. Malts: Marris Otter, Biscuit Malt, Wheat Malt, Torrified “Terrified” Wheat & Chocolate Malt Hops: Columbus & Nelson Sauvin Pellets, Nelson Sauvin Flowers Yeast: Fermentis US-05 Born: 27th December 2013"

We'll be pouring F-Yeah APA on regular Tap and Handpump, and FrankeBROWN on regular Tap and through our Vanilla pod filled Glasshopper.

Kegs tapped from 6pm, Schlook Raffle 8pm