Benatar Launch

Posted: 19/03/17

Sun 26th March, from 4pm

Front Bar, Free Entry

'Benatar' - our Kettle Sour Stout with Raspberries - reinvents herself. Rich, roasty and sour. No promises. No demands. 

A Beer named in honour of a cat named in honour of a rockstar - brewed in memory of a very special Trott.

Why Benatar? Not just because there are so many Dog tributes out there that it’s time to put the Cat back into brewing. Or because love is a battlefied. Above all ‘Benatar’ is a good, solid name that lends herself to a long and varied career - including the Handpump version ‘Flat Benatar’ and a barrel aged release ‘Vat Benatar’ to name but two - entirely on her own terms.

Style-wise she’s a moggy of epic proportions; a boozy kettle soured Oatmeal Stout fermented with French Saison yeast with 25kg of Adelaide Hills Raspberries added in fermenter...

Of course ‘Kettle Sour Stout Saison with Raspberries’ isn’t a style, but that’s Benatar. Just the right kind of sinner: strong, difficult and sour. And more than a touch sinister.

For those who don’t like their Raspberry Chocolate Brownies with a bit of tang and pucker, it’s time to start hittng the highway.

Keg tapped 4pm

Give it your best shot