Beer Provenance - Wired does it Napar?

Posted: 01/05/17

Thurs 11th May 6-7:30pm

Tickets $20+BF through Oztix HERE

Tasting, storytime and friendly shit-stir with two of the finest proponents of brewing whatever they want wherever they want: SØren Eriksen (8 Wired) and Juan Rodriguez (Naparbier).

If the Wheaty kept a list of Our Favourite Breweries of All Time (which we don’t) 8 Wired would undoubtedly inhabit the northern reaches of that list. We reckon that 8 Wired is one of the most exciting, innovative and quality obsessed Breweries out there; anything Søren’s crew brews is distinctive, brewed well – and damn delicious. We’re happy he’s making his way back to the Wheaty, and with plenty of stories in tow…

For over 8 years, Naparbier Co-Founder and Brewer Juan Rodriguez has helped drive the Craft Beer Revolution with mucho entusiasmo in Spain and beyond. In addition to brewing distinctly Spanish versions of American versions of European classics – Juan has collaborated with some of the best Craft Brewers in the business including Nogne Ø, Beavertown, Lervig and Evil Twin.

At Naparbier we are proud to be part of this new beer age. Targeting quality and diversity, avoiding global beers that hurt our taste. We develop uncompromising beer. Beers bold and irreverent. Beer with passion and soul.” Bravo!  



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