2017 Craft Beer Awards

Posted: 07/08/17

27th July 2017


The Wheaty Brewing Corps took out Champion Small Brewery in this year's National Craft Beer Awards - with 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze Medals!


  1. Black Lime Gose
  2. Corps Promise
  3. Danger Zone
  4. Shiploads
  1. Non-Corps Promise
  2. Russian Caravan
  1. Berry Tight Down Under, Honey
  2. Indy
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Wheaty-Bix
  5. Yeast Coast

Awesome work WBC Rose & Dave and the whole Wheaty crew.

Big thanks to our legendary Punters for years of support, to our fantastic Suppliers for giving us such good gear to work with and to all of the wonderful Brewers for sharing their knowledge over the years and letting me pick their brains ad nauseum!

We are honoured to be part of such a damn fine community. Trotty would be 'up to Pussy's bow' with pride.

Here's to making Good Beer better!

See the full CBA 2017 results HERE